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Almost a full team - 21 Irish juniors, led by Greg McCann, travelled to South Wales for the JHI (an annual competition between England, Scotland,Wales and Ireland).

The format is an Individual competition on the Saturday and Relays on Sunday,both were on sand dune areas on the Gower peninsula, which judging by the photos on the website look pretty complex.


The team is


W18 Martha Callanan BOC, Erinna Foley-Fisher MNav, Rosalind Hussey FermO, Ciara Largey FermO


W16 Niamh Curran BOC, Erika Jones FIN


W14 Aine McCann LVO, Meadb McCann LVO, Emily Simonin BOC

M18 Robert Browne LOC, Colm Hill CNOC, Seamus O'Boyle CNOC, Hugh Power BOC

M16 Gerard Higgins LVO, Stephen Potts LVO, Ruairi Short CNOC, Nick Simonin BOC

M14 Kevin O'Boyle CNOC, John Paul O'Reilly FermO, Conor Short CNOC, Brendan Wall

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